Things to Consider Before Investing in A Pallet Racking Solution

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Things to Consider Before Investing in A Pallet Racking Solution

If you’re planning to invest in a pallet racking solution, you’ll already know that this isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. There are so many different elements and factors to consider, from the selection of the racking itself to the design and installation of the solution. The cost, the legal health and safety requirements and the downtime it will cause to your business when it’s being fitted must all be factored in, among many other considerations.

If a new or used pallet racking solution is on the cards for your business, read on to discover the most important things you should consider before making this big decision:

Budget and costs

Before you even select a supplier or decide which type of racking you want to install, you need to define how much you’re willing to spend on the entire project, from design through to installation. This will dictate which suppliers you can choose, whether you’ll need to go for used racking or not, and how much of it you can actually afford to purchase. Of course, there are ways to save money and cut costs along the way, but it’s important to set yourself a definite budget before you begin.

What storage density do I need?

Think about your current racking solution, and try to pinpoint where improvements can be made. Do you need more storage density that you currently have? Do you want to make your aisles smaller, to accommodate an extra couple of racks – in which case, do you have the equipment necessary to be able to pick and put away products on your new racks? Thinking about the initial question of storage density will open up a Pandora’s box of new questions you should answer before you commit to a racking solution.

Choose a reputable supplier

Choosing a supplier with a strong reputation for quality is essential. It may seem more cost-savvy to choose the cheapest provider, but you may end up paying for it further down the line when the racking solution begins to deteriorate at a much faster rate. Here at VPM Racking, our team is packed with specialists in all areas or warehouse racking and shelving, and all of the products and materials we supply come from leading brands like Dexion, PSS and Apex Linvar.

New or used?

There are a multitude of benefits to choosing used pallet racking – see our blog for further details. You’ll pay less for an established solution, the delivery time will be faster, and the effect on the environment will be less; all things worth considering if you’re looking for a new racking solution.

Legal requirements

The installation of pallet racking comes with plenty of regulations in order to guarantee safety and efficacy. You must ensure that your new solution complies with SEMA and HSE standards – here at VPM Racking, we can design a solution which is fully compliant, creating a safe and secure environment for your employees to work in. 

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