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Pallet Racking

Pallet rack is commonly referred to a material handling system that is designed to store materials on a pallet. Due to the competition in the material handling industry, there is every need for your business to choose a racking solution that will enable you to operate efficiently and also give you an edge over your competitors. VPM Racking is the provider of such equipment and services. 

With us, every aspect of your facility is taken into consideration to provide you with easily accessible shelves and a safe workplace too. Besides offering all types of warehouse racking and shelving, we equally offer; layout design, drawings, as well as fittings and repairs of all kinds of pallets.

Our experts are geniuses when it comes to surveying your facility and providing you with the right specifications of pallet racks and shelves that will enable your warehouse to operate very efficiently. We are proficient in providing you with a complete pallet racking solution. That includes; surveying your facility and determining what type of pallet will be more beneficial to your warehouse, providing layout designs and specifications for your warehouse among others. Whether you need a drive-in pallet rack system, a select pallet rack or push back system, we are the ones you should contact. We provide an easy-access pallet system and a safe workplace. 

Why You Need professionals from VPM Racking

Considering that pallet rack system is one of the major component of a warehouse and it goes a long way to determining the pace to which goods reach the final consumers, there is every need for you to ensure that the system you are using guarantees swift dispatch of the materials stored in the warehouse and in a safe way. 

Further, under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and The Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), it is the responsibility of every employer to ensure that all their employees work in a safe workplace. This directly points out that all employers will be held responsible for any accident in their warehouse. 

For these reasons, it is of the best interest for you to only choose experts from VPM racking who are capable of assessing every aspect of your industrial facility and take measures that will guarantee easy access to material in a safe warehouse. 

There is no need for you to experience the losses involve in accidents such as the collapse of your racking system that might in some cases injure your employees before you take measures to prevent them. Such incidents will disrupt the operation of your warehouse if some products are damaged. This may cause some of your customers to turn to your competitors to get the products they need. And of course, don’t forget about legal claims that may come up from injured employees. 

Now that you know all these contact us today, and we will keep you relieved from such worries. Our experts can properly install your pallets or do inspections and repairs that will avoid such circumstances. Besides these services, we are the best supplier of affordable used pallet rackings from all manufacturers, including Dexion and many others. Come to us and you will be amazed at how much efficiency and safety we implement in our work.


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