Five New Year’s Resolutions For Your Warehouse

Five New Year’s Resolutions For Your Warehouse

The end of a calendar year is a time for reflection, and for resolutions. As 2016 draws to a close, warehouse managers all over the country will be analysing their business’ performance over the last twelve months, and coming up with new strategies to ensure success in 2017.

If you need some inspiration for your warehouse’s New Year’s resolutions, look no further! We’ve come up with some great pledges that all warehouse management teams can make over the next year, to help their businesses grow and move forwards. Take a look!

Go green(er)

Chances are, you’ve already implemented a few new policies over the last few years, in a bid to become a more eco-friendly, environmentally-conscious business. But now is the time to dig deeper and see whether you can accommodate even further changes to your warehouse. Are you using the most efficient lighting systems? Is your waste management policy as efficient as it could be? How much of your waste is being recycled? Could you improve on this figure? Take the time to look at your green initiatives and commit to strengthening them throughout 2017.

Examine automation

Warehouses can no longer avoid talking about automation – and it’s getting to the point where action must be taken, or businesses will risk being left behind with outdated methods. Technology has now progressed enough for many warehouses to introduce new forms of automation into the workplace, offering a multitude of benefits: when automation works well, it saves time and money, and reduces the risk of human error. Why not make 2017 the year you really start to explore how automation can help your warehouse?

Commit to pallet racking inspections

Regular pallet racking inspections are an essential part of running a warehouse – but they can be overlooked at particularly busy times, or postponed until absolutely necessary. Make sure you’re carrying out thorough safety inspections on your pallet racking regularly. See our ultimate guide to pallet racking inspections for further details!

Review all safety practices and policies

Health and safety is a constantly evolving thing – you can’t simply set policies and leave them unchecked for the next five years. Regular reviews are an important part of keeping your employees safe at work, as well as protecting your products from damage. Make sure you go through all of your safety procedures and policies with a fine toothcomb, and invite feedback on how they could be changed to suit your constantly evolving workplace.

Clean, clean, clean!

A New Year is a great time to turn over a new leaf with regards to cleaning schedules and keeping your warehouse pristine. We know it can be tough to keep a warehouse clean and tidy, especially at busy times – but an untidy warehouse is an unsafe warehouse. Start off the year with a thorough, complete deep clean of all your racking and equipment, then implement a more in-depth cleaning plan, to be carried out daily, weekly or monthly. 

Want some more tips on getting the most out of your racking systems? Explore our blog for more info!


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