Boosting Productivity In Your Warehouse

Boosting Productivity In Your Warehouse

Productivity in the UK is currently at a low. Many of the other G7 countries, including France, the US and Germany, are widening the gap on us in terms of productivity, and many businesses are struggling to catch up with the forerunners.

It can’t be overstated how important productivity is for the country as a whole. The current chancellor, Phillip Hammond, has stated that if productivity was increased by just 1% each year, it would add around £250bn to the entire economy, which equates to around £9,000 for each and every household.

So how can you transform your warehouse from sluggish and tired to efficient and productive? Check out our top tips for reinvigorating the workforce and increasing your output.

Do what you can to boost employee comfort

Tired, worn-out employees are not productive employees. It’s becoming increasingly important that businesses do what they can to make working life more comfortable for their staff – for business reasons as well as personal.

Working in warehouses can be challenging, with lots of walking and manual labour. Perhaps you could invest in orthopaedic shoes for your workforce, or consider installing a more comfortable floor that isn’t pure concrete? Make sure employees have access to a suitable break area where they can recharge their batteries, and ensure the kitchen is fully stocked with everything they might need to make their own nutritious meals.

Streamline your layout

The layout of your warehouse is aligned with your productivity statistics. You should regularly be assessing and reviewing the layout of your warehouse to help staff use their time efficiently when picking or packing orders. Data will come in handy when you’re establishing the most effective layout – focus on grouping together items which are regularly purchased in the same order, and make sure that seasonal or in-demand items have the shortest journey for your workers.

Assess your racking systems

If your racking systems aren’t being used effectively, it can slow down every process taking place within the warehouse. Consider a ‘racking audit’, where you assess how efficiently you’re using the space and make recommendations for how the space could be used more productively.

Invest in new technology

Technology is there to make all of our lives easier. It’s important that we make use of it to boost productivity and speed up all processes within the warehouse. Whether it’s overhauling your inventory system or installing a conveyor belt system, there are a multitude of ways in which you can leverage the latest technological advancements to enhance your warehouse operations.

Focus on employee morale

As well as ensuring your employees are comfortable, you should do everything you can to boost their morale and make sure their time at work is happy and enjoyable. Boosting morale comes in many different forms, whether it’s offering a Christmas bonus to staff, or carrying out regular meetings and team-building exercises – they all contribute to a happier workforce which functions more productively.


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