5 Warehouse Racking Safety Tips You Can’t Ignore

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5 Warehouse Racking Safety Tips You Can’t Ignore

If you work in a warehouse environment, you’ll understand the importance of good quality pallet racking and shelving. These storage systems are vital in ensuring the warehouse runs efficiently, and their durability and hardwearing construction means they’re the perfect fit for the industrial warehouse setting.

But how can you be sure that your warehouse racking system is safe and secure? Accidents or injuries caused by unsafe racking systems can have a catastrophic effect on the entire business – and you might also find the Health and Safety Executive coming down hard on your company as a result. Here are five simple warehouse racking safety tips you can implement today, to keep your working environment safe for all staff and visitors.

Choose a reputable supplier

If you’re installing a brand new pallet racking system in your warehouse, choose a reputable local supplier with a glowing reputation. There’s too much at stake to simply go with the supplier that will give you the cheapest quote, or complete the work in the fastest time – it’s essential that you choose the highest caliber racking supplier, to ensure you get the very best (and safest) results.

Purchase the right racking for your needs

This follows on from the previous tip – as well as choosing a supplier with a positive reputation, make sure you select a racking supplier that can advise you on the most suitable racking for your business’ needs. There are a multitude of different solutions out there, and you might need to consult an expert to figure out which one is right for your warehouse – don’t be afraid to ask for help with this decision. 

Don’t shy away from inspections and audits

The HSE recommends that your racking system is inspected yearly, by an inspector approved by the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA). Don’t shy away from these inspections – they can offer important feedback that could improve the future safety of your warehouse. If you feel nervous about a particular inspection, conduct a full safety audit before they arrive, to see if there’s any safety procedures that you could improve.

Make sure your racking is well-lit

If there’s a particular area of your warehouse that is dim or poorly lit, you could be putting your employees at risk. When your employees are locating or unloading products onto your shelving system, adequate light will reduce the likelihood of an accident. Invest in quality energy-efficient bulbs which you can leave on throughout the day and night without racking up huge bills.

Never, ever exceed capacity limits

Capacity limits are there for a reason! If your racks are carrying too much weight, there’s a chance they could collapse and cause a huge incident. Make sure all of your employees are educated on rack capacities and weight loads. You can also add signage which shows the capacity of each shelf or rack, for extra peace of mind.

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